HARRISON COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) — It’s playoff time in the state of Ohio, and the Harrison Central Huskies are in.

And although the football team is thrilled to make the post-season, their band is equally excited to be able to play at least one more show.

The Marching Huskies are this week’s C.A. House Band of the Week.

The Huskies are a young, up-and-coming band.

All season long, the Harrison Central Marching band has been entertaining the crowds with an impressive half-time show. Friday night they have the opportunity to play at least one more show. The Huskies are about to pull out all of the stops in a high energy show the crowd won’t soon forget.

They play an upbeat selection of well known modern tunes such as Centurey , Watermellon Sugar High and Thunder by Imagine Dragons. They say they have been getting a great response from crowds all year long.

There are 49 members in this year’s group and they are relatively young with lots of first and second year members.

But Angela Zalenski, who is in her ninth year as band director says they have come a long way in a short amount of time and these members show strong support for one another.

They work hard and they push each other to be better musicians and successful at their craft but they also support each other. We have a lot of athletes in our band and it’s not uncommon at all for other members to show up at their sporting events with signs supporting them and cheering for them.

Angela Zalenski, Band Director, Harrison Central

To pull off such an energetic show takes lots of hard work.

A lot of long nights, especially at band camp. A lot of bonding time. In order to have a successful season, we have to be able to stand with one another “

Grace Dulkoski, Senior, Harrison Central Marching Band

And it appears they have bonded quite well. They are more than happy to put in the effort.

A lot of kids practice outside of band, which wasn’t always the case in previous years, but they are willing to learn and that makes it a lot easier.

Tyler Cope, Senior, Harrison Central Band

Congratulations to the Harrison Central Huskies Marching Band. They are this week’s CA House Band of the Week.