WINTERSVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) — If you’ve been to an Indian Creek game, you may have noticed just how many musicians pack the field at halftime.

Their marching band is one of the biggest in the Valley, and it may have something to do with the fact that they aren’t playing to someone else’s charts.

The students decided on Earth, Wind and Fire songs for this year’s performances.

The songs may have been on the charts decades before they were even born, but director Donald Llewellyn says their role in the melody making keeps their membership high.

We let the kids take ownership in what we do and they like that, and they design their own dances.

Donald R. Llewellyn Jr., Band Director

But that’s not the only reason their numbers have broken the 100 mark for so many years.

The Indian Creek band emphasizes an extra role for their seniors beyond just playing.

They’re called on to make it fun for the underclassmen, not just as an example to them, but to the grade schoolers thinking about joining.

Megan Gampolo, Senior trombone player

Swinging, bending and clapping are all part of the daily drill as they run through their performance.

The music and the movement are the result of their almost six months of replaying the same sections to be performance ready.

Hours and hours of perfecting every single move. We go back and forth every day, so many times, just to make sure that we look good for everybody that wants to watch.

Sydney Takach, Senior saxophone player

But once you’ve gone through it…it’s a high school experience that’s tough to beat.

You’re going to have days where it’s maybe not the most fun, or it’s really hard on you, but if you just push through and get to your senior year where you’re at now, it is so worth it and you’ll look back and you’ll have so many great memories you’ll be happy you got involved.

Megan Gampolo, Senior trombone player

The kids didn’t just credit themselves for their success.

They also thanked band director Llewellyn’s nearly 30 years of experience, as well as their two field commanders who keep the band’s time and focus.

All of which are why they’ve roll-stepped their way to their title of CA House Band of the Week.

Indian Creek will host a concert just for them on October 30th at their stadium.