MARSHALL COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) — They’ve already debuted their halftime performance, but you have plenty more chances to check out the John Marshall Marching Band. This year, the band is marching to a different beat than they’re used to.

“It should just be a great show and really fun to listen to and we’ll try our it.”

Cameron Anderson

The John Marshall High School Marching Band has a Latin flare to their show this year.

“I really like this whole show. We’re doing a Latin-themed show, so that’s a little different for us. A lot of times I choose pop shows or classic rock shows.”

Tracey Filben

While it may be a different style, the 50 musicians in the band are embracing it and have been working to perfect the pieces since they got the music months ago.

“We officially started on August 1st with our summer band camp, so they have about a week and a half to get things ready before school begins and we play in class every day,” said Filben.

“I have to make sure everybody stays together so we can play together. We need to make sure we move together. Also, I just have a lot of other responsibilities, making sure everybody has their music, making sure everybody’s having a good time.”

Cloey Broski

The halftime show features three numbers…and the drum line has its own part to play. 

“Well we’ve actually been growing tremendously since I’ve started and it’s great because we don’t have to worry about awesome to see like a bunch of freshmen coming in, young people coming in and really being inspired to play. It’s nice.”

Cameron Anderson

Senior members of the band are making sure the younger members are ready for game time, and that they all put on the best show each time they step on the field.

My goal for the team is to make sure we’re all also like progressing in our music.

Cloey Broski