PADEN CITY, W.Va. (WTRF) — Come sail away with the Paden City Marching Band.

That’s the theme for their halftime show, which features a unique variety of music combined with a high-energy performance that has the crowd on their feet every week.

Debra Price is nine seasons into what is actually her second go-around as band director for the Wildcats.

She says it’s a tough routine to master, but says the kids are up to the challenge.

What I love about this group is that they never tell me no. I keep raising the bar and they keep meeting all of the goals that we set.

Debra Price, Band Director

There are 38 members in this year’s group.

They have a nice mix of veterans and younger kids with nine seniors but also nine 7th graders.

That includes 32 musicians, a five-member color guard and one field commander.

But in addition to putting on a great halftime show, they are a very competitive bunch.

They love band competitions and already have one Grand Championship.

I love competition. Just the competitive aspect. Competing with every other band. It’s going and seeing all these bands and being like, ‘we are not as good as them,’ and then eventually beating them at the end of the year.

Will McGinnis, Field Commander

But whether it’s competition or a halftime show on a Friday night, these kids give their all for every performance and say they love every minute of it.

It’s the best feeling in the world to come off doing what you love doing and knowing that everyone loves it.

Kyan Crane, Senior

I’d say that band would be one of the best things in your life. You will have a whole family to help encourage you the whole time. You get experience not only musically, but performance.

Aaron Thorn, Senior

I’ve always loved music so it wasn’t a hard choice for me, but my 7th grade year I wanted to quit and my best friend pushed me to stay, and I’m forever thankful for that because this is a home away from home. It really is like a second family.

Isabella Snider, Senior

Congratulations to the Paden City Marching Band, the CA House Band of the Week.