Wetzel County, W.Va. (WTRF)- The Valley High School Lumberjacks marching band may be small, but pack a powerful punch when they take the field at halftime.

The Lumberjacks Marching band is keeping school spirit alive on the football field this year.

“It sounds really good when the kids play with their energy. It gets everybody excited.”

Rachel Krems, Valley High School band director

All 15 band members couldn’t wait to be back at it either, including Bella Wyatt, who’s in her 7th year of band, leading everyone on the field this year.

“Being field commander. It’s always been my dream. Just leading them on the field.”

bella Wyatt, band member

“My favorite part of being on the band this year is seeing all my friends have fun and how far they’ve progressed”.

Evi Booher, band member

This year’s theme’s a tribute to Queen and Theater. They’re calling it ” The Show Must Go On”: well-fitted after coming out of COVID.

“After COVID, it’s like the show must go on, so we’re getting back into it.”

Rachel Krems, Valley High School band director

During their halftime show, they’re performing Bohemian Rhapsody, Phantom of the Opera, My Shot from Hamilton, and, of course, The Show Must Go On.

“It’s a great show. I mean, Queen, everybody loves Queen. Gets everyone pumped.”

Rachel Krems, Valley High School band director

“I like the songs we’ve choose. A lot of energy goes behind it. It’s really fun to listen to and play.”

Evi Booher, band member

And leading up to the football games every week, the band is hard at work.

They’ve put in 13 hours a day for a week straight during band camp and practice every day during the school year, and band director Rachel Krems says it all pays off.

“We’ve worked really hard for it, and it’s good to just see everything coming together on the field. I’m really proud of them.”

Rachel Krems, Valley High School band director

Band director Krems says their next half-time show is this Friday at 8.