WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – They’ve long been called the Pride of Ohio County.

This year they say their field show features music that kids and parents will like.

It’s basically all about rock. It’s very 80s, and we have a ton of AC/DC songs and it’s fun to play.

Ayden Cottrill, Junior

The group, everybody works well together. Everybody has fun, but we still get a lot done. We’re still very hard working.

Katie Fritter, Field Commander

Jason Birch is new as the band director, but has taught in Park’s music department on and off for years.

They’re a hard-working group. Then the show’s really fun so it’s made it a lot easier for them. They want to come out and give it their all.

Jason Birch, Band Director

Cottrill said the band is tight knit, with the upper classmen helping the freshmen and sophomores.

Hearing the crowd cheering as you’re walking off and that you’ve done what you had to do and you did amazing is euphoric, It’s the best feeling ever.

Ayden Cottrill, Junior

What advice would their field commander give to kids considering joining the band?

You make a lot of friends. New experiences. New people. You’ll have fun and learn so much.

Katie Fritter, Field Commander