Wheeling, W, Va. (WTRF) – One of the storylines was Adam Bartsch who came all the way from Southern California. He had a dominant day. In the 35 plus championship, he won the first set 6-0. He got a 5-2 lead in set 2 after a deuce.

Later, his opponent Alban was too long and gave Bartsch the 40-0 lead just needing one more point for the match.

Next try, Alban was just too long again to give Bartsch the 6th point and the victory in straight sets and the 35 and over championship.

Again, on Sunday, age is purely just a number in the tournament. The 65 and over doubles championship went into a 10 point, third set tiebreaker.

Mark Krupp and his partner Jan Bortner made the plays at the end to earn a marathon victory over their opponents Dubsky and Curtis.

Krupp would also go on to compete later in the day in a singles championship. That doubles team also traveled all the way from Florida. Here’s what those winners had to say about their stop in Wheeling.

“I played at Wheeling since I was a kid and now from 12 years old and now I’m 43 (so) about 40 years playing here and I’ve always loved it. I loved the feeling of the tournaments. The tournament staff is awesome. It’s just a great environment and a great tournament,” Murietta, CA resident Adam Bartsch said.

“National tournaments are level ones and then the next biggest tournaments are level two’s. This is a level three. It was a good tournament. It was a pretty good tournament with a well-sized draw so it was a lot of fun,” Lakewood Ranch, FL resident Marc Krupp said.

The Bordas and Bordas West Virginia Open will also be coming to Oglebay in August.