When it comes to high school football, there are many unspoken heroes. And for the Cameron Dragons, their equipment manager of 30 years, Matt Wiseman is just that.  

“One of the main reasons I do it is for the community, says Matt Wiseman. “The community really loves me, cares about me, and loves me and everything.” 

“Matt Wiseman has been the manager here for 30 years but he’s a lot more than just a manager. We call him the heart of the dragon,” says Tim Brown. “He has more enthusiasm than you’d ever know. He cares about the program, he cares about these kid’s manners. And what great example of a character of a man, someone who dedicates his life to 30 of helping the community and does a great job of it.” 

“Matt has been there for me a lot. He always treats me like one of his own, says Garrett Scott. “He is always getting water for us, keeping us in line and just making sure we’re doing the right things.” 

“I don’t have any kids of my own but they’re like all of my sons. I care about them I love them, I love them to death.” 

And Matt isn’t afraid to keep the Dragons in line. 

“He’s really there, if we act up he tells us to do 50 pushups,” says Jessop Broughton. 

Matt’s influence has been passed down for generations.  

“Him and my dad are close friends actually and him and my dad hang out. He gets all excited, he talks about my dad and when he used to play and tells me that I need to man up a little bit and be like my dad.” 

“My dad always told me funny stories about him and how he’s a good player and how I need to be just like him and he actually tells me I’m better than him sometimes too,” says Noal Neely. 

For Bordas and Bordas beyond the field, I’m Caroline Peters.