“I’m going to be famous one day. One day that’s me. Ty Ward, remember the name.” 

Ty Ward has big dreams. But he’s had to overcome more than most people could ever imagine.  At birth Ward was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy, a genetic disorder resulting in loss of motor functions, including the inability to walk or stand.  

And growing up Ward was able to find his true passion through this love for sports, however after graduating from Edison in 2018, he decided to live at home.  

“I always wanted to be a broadcaster growing up but I never really did anything to do it, I never went to college, but when they came to me with this opportunity I had no doubt to take the offer.” 

And one teacher made an impact on Ward’s life at Edsion High School. So when the opportunity to broadcast Edison High School sports with his former teacher came along, Ward was ecstatic to take the job.  

“Even when he was little I remember he was really smart, really knowledgable of the game and just working with him we fall into an old rhythm, says Jamie Evans, “So this is just something that he’s down and it really fits his personality and fits his skill-set.” 

But really Ward’s background and passion led him to this opportunity.  

“We wanted someone that was really well-rounded in sports,” says Joann Stagani , ”He knew what they were talking about and I really didn’t have to worry about Ty being knowledgeable because he was able to talk about any sport that we would offer at the high school and he already works with our baseball team and our soccer team.” 

And Ward’s mother, seeing him live out his dream is rather special.  

“Oh absolutely very proud. This is something that he’s always said, says Kim Ward, “He watches ESPN and all that and he is going to one day want to do something like that so when he got the opportunity to do it, it’s awesome to actually see him announcing and able to hear him on the radio.”