Bridgeport, OH (WTRFT)-It’s an exciting moment many diehard football fans have been waiting for!

“I’m excited for the kids tonight. This is a big game, the momentum should carry them through the rest of the season.”

Jerry Moore, fan

“Night one is always so exciting. It’s a new season, just to see how our boys do, the fans, to hear the crowd, the band, the cheerleaders, it’s just exciting to hear everybody excited for this.”

Karrie Puskas, fan

The Bridgeport Bulldogs battle it out against the Frontier Cougars in the first game of the season.

Bridgeport had it’s challenges in the past, but it’s time for the Bulldogs to bring back the thrill of victories and new memories on this very turf… the same turf where many football legends were born, and traditions were made…

“It’s a huge thing, you know? It’s just something that we gravitate towards this area. It seems like everybody around here has a football and has just picked up on It.”

Head coach Fred Ray, Bridgeport

The Bill Jobko Stadium at Perkins Field is the very same field star athletes competed on awhile back, like the Niekro brothers, John Havlicek, Bobby Douglas, and, of course, former NFL player Bill Jobko who the field is named after.

An up-and-coming star football player may have even crossed the field tonight, so tonight is certainly a big moment for everyone, for the Bulldogs especially.

“Why not come and check out the Bridgeport Bulldogs? It’s 100 years celebration for Bridgeport Football this year, so come check out these kids.”

Head coach Fred Ray, Bridgeport