Bridgeport, OH (WTRF) – This was the first time Bridgeport took to the field in four years. The field had faced flooding problems during that time but necessary repairs have been made to allow the Bulldogs to play home games again. A small pre-game ceremony was held for esteemed alumni. Groups that were recognized included the Lansing Sportsman Club which has always been a huge supporter for the Bridgeport School District students. The Perkins Field Committee was also honored.

“Every game the last three years was a road game. They had to get on a bus and go somewhere else to play a home game which really wasn’t our home. It’s great that we’re back. Hopefully, it’s a home field advantage for us from here on out and we’re really looking forward to tonight,” Bridgeport School Board President Don Cash said.

As for the game, Bridgeport QB Colin Jackson had trouble from the get-go. He found himself sacked multiple times including from Colin Kroll.

In the second quarter, Monroe Central’s Malachi Rose Burton linked with Dillon Lincoln. Lincoln made a real nice play where he retained enough focus to catch the ball over two defenders. A bit of a bobble but he secured the touchdown pass to put the Noles up 14-0.

Jackson did what he could to allow Bridgeport to crawl back into it. A quarterback keeper right up the middle form within the 10 made it 14-8.

However, Monroe Central wins 42-22 defeating Bridgeport in its first game back at Perkins.