WHEELING, W.Va.- NFL Cornerback CJ Goodwin is happy to be returning to the Dallas Cowboys. 

“I talked to a few other teams, they were kind of like the same offer, I decided to go back with the Cowboys,” said Goodwin. “I like the city, I grew up as a Cowboys fan as most people know and I like the organization so I though it was a great fit.” 

Having grown up playing sports in Wheeling, Goodwin says he feels deeply for the seniors this year who are missing their spring seasons but he does have a piece of advice.  

“They know the comradery they had with their teammates that love they had for their teammates and coaches and everything so as long as they remember that can keep in touch. That does bit but you gave it your all and you loved doing so just remember the good times you had.” 

Every year Goodwin brings back players from the NFL and hosts a youth football camp in Wheeling. However, this year he’s unsure if the event will still take place in June due to COVID-19. 

“The Highlands facility. We were going to be one of the first events in there and this whole coronavirus thing kind of threw us in a loop just like it’s throwing everything in a loop right now but we understand. We did get a donation from the NFL if something clears up fast enough we’ll still be able to do it but right now nobody knows what is going on.” 

CJ Goodwin says this is the first year the NFL Draft has gone virtual and he’s just hoping to hear one former Wheeling Park grads name next during the upcoming NFL draft.  

“Guys like me we aren’t too worried about the draft. We are worried more about OTA’s and our off season workouts that are coming up but I briefly read the email saying that it’s going to be a virtual draft but they’re going to make it as entertaining as possible because there are not sports going on but we’ll see. Hopefully it’s good. Hopefully I hear E-Bell’s name.”