Ohio (WTRF) — Ohio State Fans… get ready.

Governor Mike DeWine says he is still holding out hope for Buckeye football this fall.

The governor says he recently spoke with the Ohio State University Athletic Director about the Big Ten and O-S-U playing sports this fall. He says his discussions lead him to believe the university has a good argument for having fall sports.

DeWine also said what different about Ohio State is they can test players and staff every couple of days to ensure the safety of their team.

He believes the players want to play, so that would provide an incentive for them to not party.

I would like to see them play. I think to some extent the athletes at Ohio State will be some of the safest players on campus, because they have a real incentive not to go out and party and get the virus. They’re tested all the time, so theres a real motivation there.

Gov. Mike DeWine

Governor DeWine also says he will play it by ear when it comes to fans at future Bengals and Browns games.

Although they are allowed six thousand fans at two games this season, safety is their priority and they will see how it goes before making further decisions.