BELMONT COUNTY, OHIO (WTRF)–A Wheeling native returned to the Ohio Valley to continue working his dream job and now his fitness company has gone viral.   

Jeremy Hays is the Founder and CEO of Fadeaway Fitness. He started the brand back in 2017 in Pittsburgh.  

It’s a basketball skill development company and it jump-started with the click of a button.   

Hays says the idea grew into more than he had ever imagined.  

I literally would be out in my driveway and just like do a dribbling routine and timing and posted it on Twitter and like people all over the country started taking on to it so they would tag me in their videos trying to beat my dribbling time.

So I ended up coming home and trying to build a home base here and as it started to grow, especially social media wise my clientele really grew with it.

I have a home facility in St. Clairsville OH and now I travel the country and do camps and clinics and just work as many people as I can.

Jeremy Hays, Founder/CEO of Fadeaway Fitness  

He does skill workouts for individuals, groups and camps.

He says basically anything related to basketball across the country, he does it. 

Hays says big things are coming, he will be involved in a 3-point shooting contest for $100,000 and that’s not all.

On July 23rd he will be in Times Square, live on Fox and Friends to showcase his abilities and talk about the upcoming contest.  

Hays will even go head-to-head on-air against some of the Fox and Friends news anchors.