COLUMBUS (WCMH) — OHSAA Commissioner Jerry Snodgrass says his staff has never worked as hard as they are right now, attempting to piece together plans for next school year.

Those plans include student safety measures, physical exams, enhanced sanitation of competition areas and academic eligibility.

The biggest question remains — will there be high school sports in the fall?

For several weeks, rumors have circulated across Ohio about the idea of delaying high school football until the spring. Snodgrass says moving football does not sound feasible to him or his staff.

“There was some stuff put out about that, not by us, about moving seasons,” Snodgrass said. “Instantly I received calls from executive directors or commissioners from other states, ‘What are you guys doing?’ That would be very challenging, especially in the short term. There was nothing off the table except for that one. It is probably right on the edge getting ready to fall.”

Among the many problems with pushing football back, Snodgrass says, are conflicts with spring sports for football athletes and the availability of officials, especially those who officiate other sports during the school year.