The 7 sports team visited high Shadyside to see head football coach Mark Holenka and his Tigers. He says they’re just happy that they’re having football in Ohio. It may only be six regular season games but mark says it’s better than nothing. He’s happy to bring back QB Rhys Francis and running back, Wyatt Reiman.  Fleming Field is almost finished with some renovations and the Tigers are looking forward to playing on turf this year. Defensively, Holenka still wants to work on some things. 

“We got 7 out of the 11 starters back. We lose one on each level on the first, second and third level so we are experienced there but the people that we have to replace are worrisome because I’m not sure that we got the quality that we need to fill those holes up but in time, I hope they develop,” said Holenka. 

High school football previews air on August 13th. In Shadyside, I’m Caroline Peters, working for you.