WHEELING, W.Va (WTRF)– It’s a sports frenzy at the Highlands this weekend.

Athletes have traveled to the Highland Sports Complex for an exciting weekend of competition.   

The Viper Pit Nationals is taking place, where wrestlers K-12 will hit the mat for the duals and individual tournament.   

Then across the hall is basketball. The multiple court facility is filled with both girls and boys teams competing in the SLAAM Jam Basketball Tournament.   

Jamal Woodson is the director of the organization, and he says the tournament is packed with incredible talent and says this is the perfect place to hold their sporting event.   

This is SLAAMS 11th year and each year we’ve got a lot stronger and a lot bigger. So, we’ve decided to try to take over Wheeling. We’ve done a pretty great job. This is our third year here. Our first year we had about sixty teams. Last year we had eighty and right now we are up to about one hundred and forty teams.

There is nothing better than having so many games in one facility so having six courts all at the same time, seeing twelve teams go at it, it’s just great. There is nothing that beats it.

Jamal Woodson, Director of SLAAM Basketball 

Both the SLAAM Jam Basketball Tournament and the Viper Pit Nationals will be going on all weekend long.  

If you’re interested in the action, tickets are available at the door.