Wheeling, W, Va. (WTRF) – Ryan Wall and his team were at the J.B. Chambers Memorial Field looking for its second win of the year against the Erie Commodores.

The Highlanders trailed 1-0 at the half. In the second, it got a steal. Wheeling U’s Richie Afoloyanka capitalized from in close for the equalizer.

The Highlanders would have a lot of shots on goal going forward in the second half. Braulio Vilchis had a shot in close but it was deflected by the Erie keeper.

Later, there was nice passing close but Vitor Otsuka couldn’t really find his footing to pull off an accurate shot.

The Highlanders were REAL close to its second goal later in the period. Erie’s keeper left its post and there was almost an own goal committed from a Commodore header. It looked like it may have crossed the plain; the Highlanders wanted the call, but the game remained tied.

Afoloyanka had a banner day; netting 2 goals. He gave his team a 2-1 advantage after displaying some nice moves.

Vitor Otsuka was able to capitalize after fighting through traffic and finishing with a score. The Highlanders went on to win 3-1.

“I think that little period there where Ritchie and Vitor as well got connected and we got some good results from the scoring. So, you know, it was tough to get going today and a tough first home game but we came around in the end,” Head Coach Ryan Wall said.

Next up for the team is a rematch against the Ohio Premiere Club which it drew against in its last meeting.