Triadelphia, W, Va. (WTRF) This was the first game the team had ever played at the Highlands. It drew against this opponent in the last meeting.

The Highlanders were up 2-0 at halftime but Ohio Premier Came roaring back. The ball bounced closed to the Highlanders goal and Premier’s #8 capitalized in close to cut the lead in half.

Later in the half, Ohio Premier lined up for a free kick. The ball was launched over the defensive wall and into the net. It looked like another draw may have been in store….. but… only for a short time.

Wheeling University’s Richie Afoloyanka continued to dazzle. His speed and footwork made it a 3-2 game. He finished with a HAT TRICK in the game.

Vitor Otsuka came through with a dazzling header and made it 4-2. The Highlanders hang on for a gritty win 5-2.

“We pressed the defenders. We were able to really get the ball. We’re dangerous when we get the ball in the final third. We’ve got a lot of guys that create chances and tuck the ball away so we were fortunate enough to make that happen tonight,” Highlanders Assistant Coach Greg Martin said.

The next game is at home next Saturday for the team against Elite FC.