Wheeling, W.Va. (WTRF) – The Highlanders FC is just in its second season. It is undefeated so far and will be at the J.B. Chambers Memorial Field Saturday for its home opener.

“We’re looking to build on year one which was a big success. We’ve already played 2 games. We’ve won one and tied one. We tied OP which is the Ohio Premiere which is the top team that made it to the final last season. We’re looking to build on last year,” Head Coach Ryan Wall said.

Martin feels like the team is a motley crew but of course in a good way. The Highlanders are full of players with different birthdays and different nationalities.

“It’s one of the unique aspects of this team and just soccer in this area. Once you get to the collegiate level you get to play with all kinds of kids from different countries and you get different perspectives even though you have that common trait of playing soccer,” Assistant Coach Greg Martin said.

Vitor Otsuka is in his second year with the team and hails from Brazil.

“It’s actually really special. I really like playing here during the summer not only because of the weather because its always warm kind of like my country but the style that they play here with Ryan Wall is awesome. We like to keep possession, we like to dictate the place of the game so I always like playing here,” Midfielder Vitor Otsuka said.

First-Year Center Midfielder Harry Lee is from the United Kingdom.

“It’s been very good just settling in. We’ve got a good group of players and I think we’ll do very well throughout the season,” Center-Midfielder Harry Lee said.

Reporting in Wheeling, Chip Reid, Working for You.