West Liberty, W. Va, (WTRF) – Head wrestling coach Danny Irwin was the organizer of the event.

“We have about 100 campers here in this week and 30 of which are high performance campers which means they’re doing some extra workouts, we’re talking about some mental health training (and) building some habits that are going to pay huge dividends off when it comes to trying to win state championships whether it would be in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and the great state of West Virginia,” Irwin said.

Irwin was thrilled at the turnout in just the first day for the program.

“We have wrestlers from Oak Glen, Musselman, Parkersburg, Preston County, Indian Creek and campers from Indiana, Ohio, PA; just individual campers so they get this kind of collection the first year. They’re just awesome people and they have great coaches and they’ve just come together and enjoy wrestling for a week and it’s fun,” Irwin said.

Senior wrestler Connor Craig likes getting to take a break from the routine and aid aspiring wrestlers.

“I use to be in their shoes multiple, multiple times and to give back; it’s a really good feeling because, like I said, our season is really long and we get breaks over the summer and we all like to hang out and wrestle and this gives us an opportunity to give back and see all the teammates again so it’s really fun to give back. I enjoy it a lot,” Craig said.

So far the camp was a hit for local high school wrestlers as well.

“(It’s) pretty amazing. There’s a lot of good people, great coaches, and just the staff and everything is great,” Indian Creek Junior Austin Starr said.

“Really good. It’s, like I said, helped me with my technique. (I) learned a lot more moves I guess you would say,” Oak Glen Senior Clayton Lamb said.

It is too late to register for this year’s camp but coach Irwin anticipates featuring the program again for years to come.

“The plan is to have this camp every year this time up here on the Hilltop and I think we’re just going to continue to grow,” Irwin said.