OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) — The NFL has mandated the use of Guardian Cap helmet covers for certain positions during a key portion of training camp when concussions and head contact typically elevate. 

These covers attach to the outside of the helmet for up to 20% reduced force from head contact, in order to lessen the incidents of concussions. 

Wheeling attorney, Bob Fitzsimmons, says that football has always gained viewership from the hard hits that occur during the game, and it has resulted in a lapse of safety in the years leading up to now.  

He says that although these Guardian Caps may look funny, concussions can be permanently life-altering and are nothing to mess around with. 

“Anybody that’s played football that says they haven’t seen stars or haven’t known where they were for a couple of hours hasn’t played football. I played football in college and in high school and you always get dinged – it’s just one of those things. But the real thing is the disease CTE, which is called chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which is a brain condition that is permanent. That is caused as a result of repetitive concussions. So, the more frequently you get one, the more apt or the more ability you’re going to have to have some permanent damage.”

Bob Fitzsimmons – Attorney at Fitzsimmons Law

He also says that there is still a lot of research, work, and money that needs to be devoted to players’ safety but giving the Guardian Caps to players who need them is a good next step. 

Fitzsimmons also says that the prevention of many injuries begins with the coaches, and here in the Ohio Valley, we have some of the best.