Triadelphia W, Va. (WTRF) – Local youth got to learn about the fundamentals of football and basketball from NFL players as well as other volunteers Saturday.

The fifth football and basketball camp was held at the Highlands Sports Complex in Triadelphia and was headed by Dallas Cowboys Cornerback C.J. Goodwin. There were programs available for kids from the age of 8 to the high school level. Although Goodwin’s home is Dallas during the NFL season, he loved getting to share his expertise with young athletes in his native Ohio Valley for another year.

“I love it. I love to see that the kids are happy to be here and the kids are excited to see us. I mean, I’m not a star but I feel like a star when I come back and see these kids and they’re just as excited to see all of us and this is amazing,” Goodwin said.

One of the camp’s other mentors was former Linsly School’s and Miami Dolphin Jibri Blount as well as some other NFL players.