COLUMBUS,OHIO (WTRF) – Monday, St.Clairsville’s Avery Henry who is in his freshman season with the Ohio State football team told us he had been diagnosed with a form of bone cancer. Wednesday, coach Ryan Day told us the entire Ohio State football program is in that fight with him.

“Very difficult time for everybody here,” Day said. “Trying to give Avery as much space as we can during this time, but also know that he’s got a whole team behind him that’s gonna help him through this fight. Our culture is built on fight and he’s in for a fight. This came out of nowhere for him and his life got rocked.”

Day added, “I told the guys after it happened, ‘Things like this give you perspective in life too.’ And this is the reason why you get into coaching is to have an impact on young people and help Avery fight this battle,” Day said. “But like we talked about with his family, ‘There’s a reason why you’re here, there’s a reason why you’re a Buckeye and maybe because along the way, you needed the James hospital, you need Buckeye nation, you need this team to help you in this fight, and we’re here for you.'”

Day also added that Henry will be with the team when they travel to the Peach Bowl.

“He’s gonna be down there in Atlanta with us, God willing, and still be with the team. That’s the hope,” the head coach said. “And we’re just going to be a part of this fight with him. So I know the whole team’s behind him.”