One of the weirdest moments of the college basketball season thus far occurred on Wednesday night during the Duquesne–Loyola Chicago game.

It’s unclear exactly what happened, but play was paused after a food delivery driver walked onto the court during the action. The person almost walked directly into one of the players.

The ESPN+ commentators noted that it was an Uber Eats order for McDonald’s. 

The announcers couldn’t believe what they were seeing, and they didn’t hold back their live commentary. At one point, the announcers joked about who the delivery was going to. 

“Maybe I’ll put my hand up, I’m getting a little hungry, you can bring it over here,” the commentator said.

The jokes didn’t stop there.

“Who’s he delivering it to? The ref?” the commentators said. “The ref said, ‘Later, give it to me later, not now.’”

Here’s a close-up picture of the incident.

Uber Eats replied to the tweet above saying “nothing but net,” but the delivery driver has yet to make any public statements. Regardless, this moment will be seen as one of the funniest college basketball moments of the season.