PITTSBURGH, PA. (WTRF)–The Pittsburgh Steelers took on the Detroit Lions at Acrisure Stadium for their final preseason game.  

Time will tell if Kenny Pickett will do enough to pass Mitchell Trubisky as the Steelers starting QB.

Trubisky went 15 of 19 for 160 yards in the first half. 

Pittsburgh’s T.J. Watt and Diontae Johnson both left the game during the first half for non-significant injuries.

However, both players held their own before they left. 

Johnson made a beautiful 38-yard catch from Trubisky, setting them up for their first score.

First-round pick, Pickett played almost the entire second half. 

He went 10 of 14 for 90 yards while running the second team offense. 

At the half, Steelers are up 19-0 

They go on to win it all with the fine Steelers 19 Lions 9. 

The Steelers will open the season in Cincinnati against Bengals.