STEUBENVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) – Girls wrestling is the fastest growing sport in the nation. In 25 years, the number of female high school wrestlers has soared from 804 to 21,124. Which is why Steubenville High School has decided to start a girls wrestling team next season.

Coach Mike Blackburn said, “We want to try to establish a team and be the first team in the area and try to get things rolling because it’s going to happen. Like I said it’s the fastest growing sport in the country and it’s a great opportunity for all of the girls.”

Starting a girls wrestling team in the Ohio Valley will present new opportunities for local females. And bringing more females into the sport is helping wrestling grow as an organized sport.

“I think if you look throughout the United States there’s some unbelievable teams starting up and states having state tournaments”, Blackburn added. If you look at the state tournament that we had this year there was a huge flood of participation from the girls side and I just think it gives them opportunities to showcase against other females.”

The Big Red girls wrestling team will be coached by Mike Blackburn and Tommy Goff.

“We think we have the athletes to do it and we want to be ahead of the curve so we think that it’s a great opportunity to get started now.”