If you’re a soccer fan – listen up!

Wheeling’s brand new sports team — “The Highlanders” — kicks off its first home game of the season this weekend, but not without taking precautions.

Their sponsor — Roxby Development — just tested some of the soccer players for COVID-19 ahead of the game.

Especially those who haven’t been fully vaccinated yet.

The Highlanders are in an OVPL soccer league, and the coach himself says this is the first time Wheeling has had a high-level adult men’s soccer team.

Soccer fan or not, anyone is encouraged to come by.

” Really, we’re doing this for the boys and the community. Who wants to come out. We just want everyone to know that they can come out without any fear. We’ve taken those precautionary measures because we want as many people in the community to come out and see them play.”

Dr. Natasha Smith, Roxby Development

” It’s a good chance for everybody, not just in the soccer community, to come down and have a good time, watch the game.  Just be an excellent opportunity to see some good athletes and enjoy yourselves.”

Coach Ryan Wall, Wheeling Highlanders

The Highlanders have competed in two league games so far.

But this will be their first home game.

If you’d like to watch the game, it’s this Saturday at 1:00 p.m .at the 16th Street Field in East Wheeling.

You can also take a part in the pre-game celebrations at the Scottish Rite — as well as the post-game celebrations.