BELMONT COUNTY, OHIO (WTRF)–The Union Local Lady Jets have earned themselves a seat in the Final Four, after beating out New Lexington on Saturday 3-1.  

***Union Local Lady Jets Head to Final Four***

They have only lost one game this season and say their winning record has been formed from their tight bound and team motto, “stronger together.” 

The Lady Jets are breaking down walls, being the first volleyball team in school history to make it to the Final Four. 

Head coach Kaye Sechrest says she’s still in disbelief.  

Union Local Lady Jets JV and Varsity

She says you always hope to make it this far but when you do, it leaves you speechless. 

Now it is time to focus on their next match. 

We’re going to look at film, see what they have, see what they offer. And see where we can expose any weaknesses that they may have. I just think that we’re going to go with what we have.

If it isn’t broken don’t fix it. I mean I think the girls are very capable of coming back, they’ve proven that a few times. They’re very capable of taking it and running with it and they’re capable of winning.

Kaye Sechrest, Union Local volleyball head coach

Senior setter Kelly Gress says that the moment they won regionals, the team was eager to take on their next opponent.  

She says the team has gained a sense of confidence that she knows will set them up for success.  

Being a setter it’s all about confidence and I’ve really learned that over the years that if you’re not confident in your abilities you won’t be a good setter…and now being at this level really boosts that (confidence)…yes you did this. You worked for this. You worked really hard and now you’re here with this team that you love so much.

Kelly Gress, Union Local senior

The Lady Jets play on Friday at noon against Chardon Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin.  

The games take place at Wright State for the D2 State Semifinals.