BELMONT COUNTY, OHIO (WTRF)–This Union Local football star is taking a run at his last season. Something he wasn’t sure he would even have the chance to do.  

Jaksan Price is committed. He is a leader, and he is a worker.

Bernie Thompson, Union Local Football Head Coach

After a serious injury, most athletes would hang up their jersey for good, but for Jaksan that wasn’t an option.  

It was our first game. It was probably the third quarter, and I ran the ball up the middle. I went to cut off my right foot and all my weight was on that. Some just went low. It was a freak accident, but I broke my femur, and I was out for the rest of the season.” 

Jaksan Price, Senior 

He says it was hard to hear he would be watching from the sidelines, but it gave him a push of motivation.  

He came back for his senior year stronger, faster, and wiser. 

My freshman year we went 0-10. That wasn’t very fun, but we’ve all worked very hard in the weight room over the years and built this up… It’s good to see it is paying off.

Jaksan Price, Senior

Head Coach Bernie Thompson says he is so proud of how far Jaksan has come.  

He’s been the cornerstone of us building this program up and he is just a phenomenal kid. He’s very selfless. He is a humble kid who works extremely hard…”

Bernie Thompson, Union Local Football Head Coach

Jaksan not only shine on the field but in the classroom as well.  

He holds a 3.9 GPA. He is a part of the National Honors Society and the National Technical Honor Society.  

As a captain, he is leading his team 5-0 this season and even broke his personal rushing yard record with 238 yards.  

In their game on Friday, Jaksan broke a 22-year-old school record for most career rushing touchdowns.

Talk about a comeback. 

They are not just Xs and Os. Each athlete has a story that goes beyond the field.