OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF)– The 15-0 Union Local Ladys Jets traveled to Wheeling to face the Linsly Cadets.

Linsly fell to University 47-43 at the MLK Classic on Monday.

It was a slow start for the Lady Jets but turned it around at halftime.

Linsly managed to put up two three-pointers and two baskets in the first quarter.

Torre Kildow sank a three-point shot and made it 20-17.

After the half, the Cadets broke away and scored sixteen points.

Alayna Cook: 3

Miriam Martinez: 2

Haylen Cook: 4

Rosa Sohlberg: 5

Clarie Redd: 2.

Regan Vinskovich swished a triple and made it a three-point game 45-42 Linsly.

Kildow’s succuss on the line pushed the game into overtime.

The Union Local put their foot on the gas and cranked their game up.

The Lady Jets took the lead 50-46 after R. Vinskovich and Kildow sank back-to-back baskets.

Haylen Cook scooped up a layup, but the Cadets couldn’t get back on top.

The Union Local Lady Jets came from behind and took down the Linsly Cadets 61-54.

Making UL’s record 16-0.

For Linsly, Haylen Cook led her team with nineteen points.

Behind her was Miriam Martinex with fourteen.

For Union Local, Regan Vinskovich managed to put up a total of thirty points and had seven total rebounds.

While Torre Kildow trailed behind with twenty-one points and nine rebounds.