BELMONT COUNTY, OHIO (WTRF)– This Belmont County girl has been crushing it all season long, breaking school records and now taking her skills to the collegiate level.  

7News has been highlighting athlete’s stories beyond the field but this time we are stepping onto the court.

Somebody that can do just about anything she puts her mind to.

Kae Sechrest, UL Head Volleyball Coach

This Union Local athlete can bump and set but you don’t want the rath of her spike.  

Torre Kildow started playing volleyball in the sixth grade and now is in her fourth season on varsity.  

She is primarily an outside hitter and plays back row.

I’ve always loved it but probably like my freshman or sophomore year I really started taking it seriously and falling in love with it.

Torre Kildow, UL Senior

She’s a three-sport athlete, thriving in basketball and softball as well.  

 UL head coach Kae Sechrest says Torre has been a leader since day one.  

When she was a freshman, I knew she was special. She was tall. She had grown over the summer like six to eight inches, and she was just a beast….She is somebody that I know that when we need a kill or we need the energy, that all I have to do is says, Torre go for it, and she will. She’s just improved leaps and bounds

Kae Sechrest, UL Head Volleyball Coach

Spiking is her specialty. 

Torre holds several school records with over 1,500 kills and over 800 digs. 

Competitors fear her spike…so how’d she get so good? 

I guess my height helps but I’ve worked on jumping a lot to get a higher vertical.

Torre Kildow, UL Senior

She also plays on a travel team and recently committed to Ohio University to further her career as a Bobcat. 

They’re not just X’s and O’s, each athlete has a story that goes beyond the field.  

The Union Local ladies have done phenomenal this season.

They are 21-1 and 3A OVAC champions.