WHEELING, W. Va. (WTRF)-Wheeling’s 2020 Super Six Championships got canceled… fast forward to a year later, and the big tournament is bringing out-of-towners to Wheeling once again…

A tournament that many businesses rely on for an economic boost, like the Hampton Inn on National Road.

“It’s a tremendous economic boost. It’s really helping us make up for a really rough year last year when we didn’t have this.’

Jack Poling, general manager at Hampton Inn in Wheeling

The Hampton Inn has been booked up for weeks. That’s ramped the rates up from 150 to 200, and if you go across the street, the impacts can also be felt there. TJ’s is counting on business to go up at least 20%.

“This is huge for us after last year got canceled. We look forward at TJs for the simple reason of all the added town teams, their fans, coaches, players. It’s something we look forward to every year.”

Jim Pulice, manager of Tjs

And as the rush of business flows in, all hands will be on deck.

“We bump up our staff. We add extra inventory.”

Jim Pulice, manager of Tjs

Meanwhile, the Hampton Inn is also stepping up their game this weekend.

“You bring in all the staff and you make sure every body’s ready for a busy weekend.”

Jack Poling, general manager at Hampton Inn in Wheeling

And as out-of-towners return to the stands for another tournament, both the Hampton Inn and TJ’s can’t wait to welcome them back to the Valley.