As football fans everywhere are well aware, the Ohio State Buckeyes’ big game against the number one ranked Georgia Bulldogs is on the horizon.

Experts say the Buckeyes will face an uphill battle, but fans of the Scarlet and Grey say no problem.

Shadyside, Ohio resident John Longwell and Dr. Angelo Georges, of Wheeling say the Buckeyes are primed and ready for the big upset.

In fact, Longwell is on his way to Atlanta. You can bet he will be cheering on his beloved Buckeyes tomorrow night

“I’m very excited. Get an opportunity to go down to Atlanta. Heading to the airport right now. Gonna go down and meet some friends. Be staying down there four a couple of days and hopefully bring back a Buckeye win. All I can say is everybody discounted us in 2014. Everybody said Alabama was going to take us down and you saw what happened there.”

John Longwell, Ohio State Fan

Kickoff time is 8 p.m. Saturday night.

You can bet area Buckeye fans will be cheering for the big upset.