OHIO COUNTY (WTRF)– Football, food, and fun. That’s what WTRF High School Football Kickoff is all about. 

The celebration took place at the Highlands Quaker Steak and Lube, where several Ohio Valley schools brought their whole team to kickoff the season together.  

We had football players, cheerleaders, coaches, bands, families, you name it.  

Believe it or not, rival teams even sat down and ate dinner together.  

It’s a sport that brings a variety of people together. 

Two seniors from Buckeye Local say they live for Friday night football. 

They not only participate in one school spirit team but they do two!  

We have always played in the band and cheered. Me and her are kind of a packed age deal. What one does the other one does.

Kaydence Kinyo, Senior  

7News reporter Ashley Kaiser asked, ‘What is your favorite thing about Friday football?’

Just being there supporting our team and our school because we have a lot of school spirit as a squad.

Josey Meddles, Senior  

These teams have been working all summer. Players say they are ready to get on the field.  

Senior quarterback Brett Phillips says the key to a successful season is bonding with your teammates.  

At Wheeling Park we have TWBAI which is our thing and we all really buy into that. So, we have a really tight brotherhood, so we are there for one another, on and off the field.

Brett Phillips, Senior QB, Wheeling Park

Of course, at the kickoff there had to be a little bit of competition.  

Teams sent their best player to the dinner table for the annual wing eating contest.  

Despite his size, John Marshall’s Conor Fitzpatrick held his own when it came to downing chicken wings. 

Well, all of these people didn’t believe in me because I’m skinner than the rest. I was like, so what.

Conor Fitzpatrick, Wing eating contest winner, John Marshall

West Virginia Schools have their first game on Friday and Ohio team enter week two.