ST. CLAIRSVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) — But even with Thanksgiving five days away, it’s hard to see all the wreaths and lights and not feel a flurry of Christmas in the air.

That’s how downtown St. Clairsville felt tonight, where Santa’s sleigh touched down to illuminate their massive Christmas tree.

Officials estimate the number of those who came to watch broke a thousand, as they also hit the skating rink and caroled throughout town in old-fashioned dress.

Wendy Anderson with the Chamber of Commerce says it’s about small towns building big futures.

“When you start seeing the kids faces, when they see the Grinch or they see Spike or they see the other people around here, they are so excited for this and they hear the music. They can dance. It just gives us a sense of accomplishment that we did this for the Ohio Valley.”

Wendy Anderson, Executive Director, St. Clairsville Area Chamber of Commerce

Santa did the honors flipping the switch on the tree, before heading over to the Belmont County Heritage Museum to hear what everyone wanted under their Christmas tree.