CRESCENT, OHIO (WTRF)- A former church that is now a house is the site of a raid by Belmont County Animal Rescue (BCARL) League humane agents and Belmont County sheriff’s deputies because of deplorable conditions.

*Bellaire couple arrested;kids and animals removed from home; house condemned*

Wiley Myers, 71530 Crescent Rd in St. Clairsville, was screaming and irate claiming that the animals are taken care of, such as ice in the dogs’ water and a large quantity of dog food.

As humane agents were trying to take one dog, he was screaming that the dog would bite them,

He told authorities, “Yeah, I ripped up your warrant. It wasn’t even justified.”

In the end, they left the dog.

Myers’ 11 year old daughter was  sobbing, trying to stop them from taking her pet goat.

He said his sons & daughters raise chickens, ducks & pigs “to sell at the sale to make money.”

Myers claimed that his family doesn’t live here full time, “it’s like a Florida house—we just come here sometimes.” Authorities responded, ‘No it isn’t it’s your house.’

Myers told 7News that several years ago his children received several thousand chicks from a farm supply store in the area that was in trouble for mistreatment, he said his children raised them and sold them.

Myers refused to touch the receipt from BCARL and deputies detailing how many and what kind of animals they seized. He told them to drop it on the ground and cited concerns over social distancing