Now entering his 23rd season leading the St.Clairsville program Brett McLean has built a strong tradition that continues to get passed down to the next group every year.

“The eyes of the past is something we talk about a lot in our lockerroom we want to uphold traditions not let them slide or slip strength them. If we have a core philosophy which we do and we believe in it as a group it can make us a stronger team.”

Brett McLean

“It forces us to do better in the off-season and it forces us to do better every day the coaches hold us to a high standard.”

Griffin Fogle

“Every single Thursday we wear our “Together” shirts which is a shirt with together on the front of it but I think that symbolizes us a lot. Together means we do everything no matter what one hundred percent together.”

Brennan Stout

And together as a group, this should be another solid St.Clairsville team.

Offensively they return several key players along the line they have seniors Griffin Fogle, Bradyn Galloway, Perry Patrone and JR Adams along with tight-ends senior Brennan Stout, and juniors Mickey Balgo and Kyle Rankin. To run behind them junior Dino Burke returns along with fullback Marcus Bush . At receiver, they have a number of options including senior return specialist Cole Thoburn, juniors Gavin Schoolcraft and Tyson Pastor along with senior Colton Westlake who will also see some time at quarterback. Also at quarterback taking the majority of the snaps is junior Brady Schaffer.

“We got to rely on those guys that have been out there in those situations early in the season to be calm , collected to communicate well thats been one of the biggest goals going into camp was to get our team to gel the chemistry of communication to rise and make us a better team.”

Brett McLean

Defensively the Devils return several key players on the line Adams and Bush at the tackles, Rankin and junior Brody Saunders at the ends. At Linebacker Stout, Burke, Schoolcraft, Balgo, and senior Harrison Kasmirski and junior Max Fogle. With Thoburn, senior Caleb Walls, and juniors Gage Wolfe and Tearyn Dukes in the defensive backfield.

“I want our kids to play fast and be smart and understand their position so they can just let their hair down and run.”

Brett McLean

McLean Devils will hit the field for the first time Friday when they visit Canton South.