The new Steubenville City Schools STEM building will be an asset with 11 new STEM and Career Technical Education programs with more on the way.

Some of the programs included are Workforce Development, Bio-Medical Sciences, and Clean Energy Technology to name a few.

Steubenville students share in the momentous new STEM building in a personal way

Steubenville High School Principal Ted Gorman says this will be a huge asset to the students and district. 

Ted Gorman, Principal Steubenville High School, said, “There’s going to be a skywalk that is going to connect the old high school into the new STEM building so we’re looking forward to that, where the students just go right from the hallway and into the brand new building so they don’t to go inside and outside so we’re looking forward to that. Right now we have a lot of programs that are in our existing high school. It’s going to be nice to see those programs go even further.”

The STEM building is set to be complete by Spring 2024 with the students being able to use it that following fall.