The 4th Of July Festivities continue tonight in Steubenville.

Historic Fort Steuben is the place to be in Jefferson County Monday night.

They have fun and games for the kids in their large field.

Around 6 there will be a concert down at the amphitheater with three different acts and following that there will be a huge fireworks display.

There is also food vendors and the Fort is open as well!

Mayor Jerry Barilla says this is a great event for people to just come together and celebrate the nation’s independence.

“We all need to celebrate our country, especially in these times; we seem to be more divided than we have been in quite sometime. So the 4th of July hopefully brings us together as one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. So I really believe that and this is part of it.”

Mayor Jerry Barilla – City of Steubenville

They have another concert at the Fort this Thursday.

Bailey Taylor will be singing at 7 PM and Jeff Jimerson & Airborne will be on at 8 PM.

More concert information can be found here.