STEUBENVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) — It was a time of constant work and very little play…and its people were tough enough to build the country from the ground up.

The Brigade of the American Revolution set up at Fort Steuben Friday to show the authentic and less comfortable life of 250 years ago.

The Canton-area re-enactors put on their bonnets and set up camp with the items they would need to survive in the new world.

Tools, common kitchen ingredients, antique toys, and spinning wheels were all there for kids to see and marvel at technology’s progress over the centuries.

The Brigade’s members travel to historic sites out of a desire to experience history beyond the pages of a book.

“You might be interested in, say, period clothing and then by following that interest, you make some of it yourself, you know, ‘why did they do it that way?’ Well, that’s the only way it works.”

Bruce Egley, Brigade of the American Revolution

Fort Steuben usually holds their Frontier Days in early June—but they wanted to host the group at a time when school was in session.

You can get a look at frontier life Saturday from 10 to 4, and see what life was like in a time before FDA-approved medicine.