AKRON, OHIO (WTRF)–After winning sixteen straight games and making their first appearance in the state tournament, Steubenville Big Red fell to the Canfield Cardinals in their semifinal match up. 

Pitcher Julianna King passed 700 career strikeouts.

“Well one, the new environment, big environment and new pitcher. I mean we knew what she had to bring, and we brought our best stuff but not our best day, but it happens.” 

Julianna King, Big Red Senior

Big Red gave credit to Canfield pitcher Malena Toth and says they struggled in the box. 

“She had a weird release and I think we all had a hard time seeing it. That’s why we were watching so many pitches.” 

Sena Smith, Big Red Sophomore  

“My first at bat wasn’t the best but I went up their knowing that I can hit her, and I was looking for a certain spot and I just trusted my hands and that lead to my hit.”  

Paige Matteson, Big Red Sophomore 

Head Coach Gus DiMarzio says this loss will be on his mind all next season.

“Am I upset. Sure. Who wouldn’t be but I’m not disappointed in my kids anyway because they played their tails off for me all year and I’ll take that every day of the week and twice on Sunday. And I’ll say this, I wouldn’t trade these kids for anything in the world.” 

Gus DiMarzio, Steubenville Head Coach 

Although it was their first time in the final four, Coach Gus says it won’t be their last.