First responders are celebrating EMS week right now, but it means more to one local department.

Steubenville Fire just started running an ambulance service.

For the past 19 months first responders have been “Rising to the Challenge” for residents in need in the city.

Fire Chief Carlo Capaldi says it’s a huge accomplishment.

He says they went from never running an ambulance in the department’s history to running thousands of calls in the last year.

“For the past 19 months we’ve run 6,200 ambulance calls and we did it in a short amount of time. We got it up and running because their was a need and the need was to help the citizens.”

Chief Carlo Capaldi – Steubenville Fire Department

Departments will be honoring these first responders for EMS week until May 21st.

Thanks to our local EMS for everything they do in the Ohio Valley.