STEUBENVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) – It’s officially Christmastime in the city – Steubenville that is – as they lit up Historic Fort Steuben on the ground and the sky to kick off the holiday season. 

“Steubenville Lights Up the Night” is the official start to 2022 Christmas at the Fort, and City Manager James Mavromatis says that this event reflects the community. 

”Well, we are the county seat here in Jefferson, but I think this sends a bigger message clear throughout Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania – We have people come from all over the country for this light up night.”

James Mavromatis – Steubenville City Manager

These visitors can experience all the holiday magic Fort Steuben has to offer, like the holiday market, live music, Christmas movies, lights and more. 

One of the main attractions is the Nutcracker Village, which displays over 200 life-sized nutcrackers of different shapes, sizes, colors and characters to see. 

It’s a tradition that families don’t miss out on for many reasons. 

”It starts the excitement of the holiday season.”

Betty Ryan – Attendee

”The ambiance, the people, you know. It’s such a beautiful night.”

Lil Ferguson – Attendee

”So I see that it’s beautiful here, and the lights are very pretty and the Christmas tree – I can’t wait for it to light up.”

Daphne Andrews – Attendee

”To tell you the truth, to see the kids. That’s the – When you see the look on their face, money can’t buy that.”

James Mavromatis – Steubenville City Manager

The lighting of the tree was the spark of holiday magic everyone needed to make them want to say “Merry Christmas!”