Some good news for the Jefferson County area.

The Fort Steuben Mall is coming back to life.

Brookwood Capital bought the mall to revitalize it and fill the vacancies and with only three left to move in and 11 already signed their leases, they are now looking for someone to buy the property completely.

They are working on fixing the parking lot and the leaking roof has already been fixed.

City and Mall officials say how excited they are to see the new shop owners and to see the Mall grow once again.

“When I walked in here today the mall was full let me tell you there people everywhere walking around people poking into the shops.”

Tracy McManamon – Steubenville City Council Ward 2

“Come out and support businesses that’s what’s going to bring the mall back to life, that’s going to keep them all alive and that’s what’s going to actually grow the mall. We can look at all the negatives that we’ve seen for years and years but we have to look for the positives and when we start working together we accomplish more.”

Trey Jeter – Ft. Steubenville Mall Operations and Property Manager

The property has been up for auction and officals say they have several bids on the mall.

The auction ends tomorrow and there will be an open house for people to come check out the mall on May 21.