STEUBENVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) — In Jefferson County, students as young as preschool are receiving the fruits of an agriculture education.

And now the district has $100,000 more to cultivate a love of fresh food.

The Steubenville City School District has earned a Department of Agriculture grant to expand its farm-to-school project.

The money will go toward the new STEM building at the high school and keep seeds in the dirt at the elementary greenhouses.

The McKinley STEM Academy stresses the importance of keeping up with the treadmill of changing technology.

“The skills that they need to have to be successful in their career pathways and their life choices are completely different than what I or someone else might have been exposed to. So it’s important to be that progressive school district that’s always looking for new opportunities and avenues and grants as well to fund those projects.”

Heather Hoover, Curriculum Facilitator, McKinley STEM Academy

McKinley doesn’t forget to include the economics of farming in their education, either.

You can get a taste of their harvest of lettuce, kale, and herbs every week at their Friday Farmers Market.