This past weekend, a new class was enshrined in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Bud Fowler and “Buck” O’Neil who played in the Negro League we finally welcomed into the fold.

Back here at home there are those who wonder about another great player, Moses Fleetwood Walker, and when his time will come.

Moses Fleetwood Walker was an American professional baseball catcher from Mount Pleasant who was historically credited with being the first black man to play in Major League Baseball.

Leaving many with the question as to why he isn’t in the hall of fame.

“Well the argument before was he had such a very brief career in major league baseball, he didn’t have the stats to back that up.”

Craig Brown – Advocate/Historian

But with two great players, “Buck” O’Neil and especially Bud Fowler recently being inducted. Brown says hes excited for what this could mean for Walker.

“Now that Bud Fowler’s stats is looked at from the whole of his career, we can also look at Moses Fleetwood Walker’s stats from his entire career and look at his whole entire body of work, and certainly once you look at his whole body of work, plus what he did for civil rights, you know he certainly deserves a place there as well.”

Craig Brown – Advocate/Historian

During the Hall of Fame inductions Buck O’Neil’s Niece Dr. Angela Terry called her uncle a man for all seasons who’s core was brotherly love.

She said he would show that love with a song.

“He stood on this very stage in 2006 to honor the 17 Negro leaguers elected to the Hall of Fame that year.”

Dr. Angela Terry Buck O’Neil Niece

Brown says he hopes all of this keeps the conversation going and to one day get Moses Fleetwood Walker into the Hall of Fame.

The Mural of Moses Fleetwood Walker is located on 3rd Street in Steubenville if you would like to see it for yourself.