STEUBENVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) – It started as a way to bring in more tourism, but now it’s become a holiday tradition for families in the Ohio Valley and beyond.

The Steubenville Nutcracker Village is in it’s eighth year and in a little more than two weeks you’ll start to see Nutcrackers slowly appear downtown.

They’ll be spread across four city blocks.

No one Nutcracker is quite like the next. In fact, it takes hours to make sure each one is unique!

The process is a lot like the creation of a small German style wooden nutcracker. It’s very much of the same process the techniques working with a wood lathe but scaled up and using different materials so that they can be displayed outside for weeks on end.

Brodie Stutzman, Nutcracker Carver

You might think they are made completely out of wood, but they are actually made of fiber glass, and Styrofoam.

The Nutcracker Village is now home to 200 individual nutcrackers.

We look for nutcrackers that will like complete a set. We had Dean Martin, we added to the Rat Pack, so we have a whole Rat Pack or the Wizard of Oz, we’re adding to that this year.

Gretchen Nelson, Nutcracker Village Co-Creator

The whole process is really a family affair.

The Nelson family works hard all year long to bring them to life!

Therese kind of comes up with the concept drawing and then she kind of really hands it over to Brodie and he turns it into a three-dimensional six-foot nutcracker. It’s amazing, amazing skill. So, then they come in and to the paint section and so my son Dominic and I and Therese are really responsible for the painting.

Gretchen Nelson, Nutcracker Village Co-Creator

The Nelsons say doing this as a family and seeing the people love the nutcrackers as much as they do is truly special.

I love that they’re involved. I love having the kids be part of it. It’s a lot of work and a lot of the kids do things that are like thankless tasks.

Gretchen Nelson, Nutcracker Village Co-Creator

The whole process of getting married and having kids and seeing the kids enjoy it has just added a whole new element to it, given it a new life and it has been really amazing.

Brodie Stutzman, Nutcracker Carver

The Nutcracker Village starts ​November 22 and runs through January 7, 2023.

They will be on display all throughout 4th and Market Streets and at Historic Fort Steuben.

Here is a link of the schedule for the holiday season.