The St. Paul Center in Steubenville announced an expansion Wednesday.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held to begin construction will begin on a new 25,000 square foot building that will serve as its new headquarters.

It will feature a flexible auditorium, state of the art video studio and editing suites, an office space for a growing employee base, and a retail place for visitors.

Employees say they are so excited for this new facility.

“This day has been in the making for about three years. With COVID, it really stunted a lot of the plans. Now to be able to reach this milestone. It’s still a journey moving forward. We look forward to working with as many people as possible to make this move in happen next fall.”

Ken Baldwin – Executive Director, St. Paul Center

“But now that we have a team of over 40 co-workers, we thought it was time to find a place. And our partnership with the university here has been so close. For us to gain that ground, right across from the entrance, just embodies the excitement that we have experienced for 21 years. So we are going to begin building.”

Scott Hahn – President, St. Paul Center

It will be located on a two acre site right across from Franciscan University on University Blvd.