The Steubenville City Manager is pleading with residents to watch and conserve their water usage.

James Mavromatis says they had three breaks today alone and they are trying their best to combat these busts as quickly as they are reported, but the problem remains with not having enough water to refill the main supply.

The city has been dealing with distribution tanks at low levels, and the water plant is at near maximum capacity.

Mavromatis says for them to catch up, residents need to conserve their water and report water line breaks at all costs.

“So I ask the residents. if you have a neighbor that has been gone to visit relatives, please just do a visual observation of their property. Is there water coming in or out of their garage door, there a front door of their property, do you see a leakage anywhere. Report it to our water department.”

James Mavromatis – Steubenville City Manager

He says once they get caught up, the conservation order will be lifted.

That time frame has not been determined yet.

To report a broken pipe or water breaks please call 740-283-6041 as soon as you see one.